Pavel Antonín—drawings, graphics, illustrations—portfolio, sales gallery

These pages have arisen primarily as a sales gallery of graphics and drawings after I cancelled their previous presentation on due to censorship.
I have been working as a graphic designer and Illustrator for roughly fifteen years. Initially I compensated for a large degree of the routine of processing contracts, often created according to the client's taste, by playing in a band. This changed four years ago, when I returned to free formation in graphics and drawing. I soon found out that this activity is at least as satisfying as music, though the resulting effect emerges considerably sooner.
Thanks to the favourable response to the illustration of flyers for Smart Club Styx, I began to elaborate on these themes more and more with regard to printing them in large formats. The dimensions given here represent the maximum with regards to image resolution. Thus, the formats of the printed graphics and their corresponding price can, to a certain extent, be adjusted.
The drawings and watercolours arose in parallel with these themes, sometimes they serve as sketches, other times they take an idea to greater detail.
These web pages also have a short selection of some of my commercial production, work created directly for a client or under the banner of advertising agencies and graphic studios.

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